Reinventing Logistics Technology

Freight Brokerage Made Easy.

Outfox the Competition

Focused on ruthless efficiency and productivity gains, HaulFox is the next generation software for freight brokers.

Not Your Grandfather's TMS

Unified platform
Autonomous workflow management tool
Commission dashboard
Elegant and intuitive design

Master Carrier Backhaul Networks

Quickly upload carrier backhauls
Instant matching of carriers to shipper networks
Process capacity emails automatically
FleetMail system for updating capacity

No More Guesswork on Pricing

InstaQuote tool for spot pricing
Integrates internal and external pricing data
Build standardized quotes for clients
Complete massive RFPs in minutes

The Invisible Revealed

Real-time tracking on every shipment
Visual tracking map with weather and traffic integrations
Push tracking direct to shippers; Global View for enterprise clients
Access from any device, anywhere

Automated Carrier Management

Constant monitoring of carrier authority and safety information
Electronic carrier on-boarding takes less than 5 minutes on average
Mitigate risk with customizable carrier selection criteria
Proprietary carrier rating system that tracks performance

The Impossible Has Become Possible

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